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Abb.: Anne Hoffmann

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät - Advanced Materials


Module Content Time Schedule  
Graduate school specific activities
introductional week
(2 CP)
organisational and scientific introduction 2 day semester 1 c
"Introduction in advanced materials"
(4 CP each)
block course about selected topics and methods 1 week semester 1 & 2 c
active participation at national conference
(4 CP each)
poster or oral contribution about own research 1 week semester 3 & 5 o
active participation at international conference
(8 CP)
poster or oral contribution about own research 1 week semester 6 o
progress reports
(4 CP each)
report about own research 3 times after 6, 18, 30 months c
Young Scientist Workshop
(2 CP)
Own presentation with talks and discussion of and between doctoral students -- annually c
Annual Retreat
(2 CP)
peer‐feedback & networking -- annually c
research visit at international partner
(8 CP)
project specific weeks to months -- o
Compilation of at least one publication
(8 CP)
international peer-review journal -- -- c
Additional activities
Modules of master course Physics or Chemistry at HUB (both Monomaster) or "Polymer Science"
(CP following modul desciption)
see programme of HUB -- semester
Industry excursion
(4 CP)
insight into industrial processes 1 week semseter 4 o
Skill courses arranged by Humboldt Gradute School or by Graduate School "Advanced Materials"
(off-subject, 8 CP each)


  • professional skills
  • science management
  • scientific writing
  • training for presentations and disputations
  • diversity
-- -- o
Mentorship / assistance
(8 CP)
support of Bachelor or Master thesis work once semester
4 or 5

c - compulsory

o - optional