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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät - Experimentelle Elementarteilchenphysik

The H Collaboration (2007)

H.E.S.S. Galactic Plane Survey unveils a Milagro Hotspot

ArXiv e-prints.

We report here on a new VHE source, HESS J1908+063, disovered during the extended H.E.S.S. survey of the Galactic plane and which coincides with the recently reported MILAGRO unidentied source MGRO J1908+06. The position, extension and spectrum measurements of the HESS source are presented and compared to those of MGRO J1908+06. Possible counterparts at other wavelenghts are discussed. For the first time one of the low-lattitude MILAGRO sources is confirmed.

Provided by the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System