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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät - Nanooptik

Günter Kewes, Rogelio Rodrigues-Oliveros, Kathrin Höfner, Alexander Kuhlicke, Oliver Benson, and Kurt Busch (2014)

Threshold Limitations of the SPASER


We present a semi-classical analytic model for spherical core-shell surface plasmon lasers (spasers). Within this model, we drop the widely used quasi-static approximation of the electromagnetic field in favor of fully electromagnetic Mie theory. This allows for precise incorporation of realistic gain relaxation rates that so far have been massively underestimated. Based on this, we obtain a quantitative understanding of the threshold characteristics that limit efficient spaser devices. Specifically, our model suggests how the threshold of spasers can be significantly reduced by introducing an emitter-free spacing layer between the gain medium and the metal core. Our model can be extended to complex plasmonic nanostructures using the recently introduced concept of quasi-normal modes.