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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät - Physik von Makromolekülen

PMM Referenzen

Dieses Verzeichnis enthält folgenden Referenzen zu Publikationen (sortiert nach Erscheinungsjahr und Autor):

Es befinden sich 546 Einträge in diesem Literaturverzeichnis.

Qiao, Y, Polzer, F, Kirmse, H, Steeg, E, Kirstein, S, and Rabe, JP (2014).
In situ synthesis of semiconductor nanocrystals at the surface of tubular J-aggregates
J. Mater. Chem. C, 2: 9141-9148 .

Qiao, Y, Polzer, F, Kirmse, H, Steeg, E, Kühn, S, Friede, S, Kirstein, S, and Rabe, JP (2014).
Coupled nanotubular J-aggregates and quantum dots for efficient resonance excitation energy transfer
Miscellaneous publication, Polydays 2014, Berlin, 30.9.-2.10.2014.

Qiao, Y, Polzer, F, Kühn, S, Friede, S, Kirstein, S, and Rabe, JP (2014).
Resonance Energy Transfer Between Nanotubular J-Aggregates and Quantum Dots
Miscellaneous publication, DPG Frühjahrstagung, CPP 54.81, Dresden, 30.3.-4.4.2014.

Reiter, V, Bhatia, S, Gensler, M, Sieben, C, Lauster, D, Liese, S, Herrmann, A, Haag, R, Netz, R, and Rabe, JP (2014).
Multivalency in the binding of the viral transmembrane protein hemagglutinin with the cellular receptor sialic acid studied by single molecule force spectroscopy
Miscellaneous publication, DPG Frühjahrstagung, CPP 19.15, Dresden, 30.3.-4.4.2014.

Rezania, B, Severin, N, Talyzin, A, and Rabe, JP (2014).
Hydration of Bilayered Graphene Oxide
Nano. Lett., 14:3993-3998.

Severin, N, Dorn, M, and Rabe, JP (2014).
Anordnung mit einem Träger und einer Schicht
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Patent (DE102009056052 B4).

Severin, N, Dorn, M, and Rabe, JP (2014).
Arrangement comprising a carrier and a layer

Severin, N, Sokolov, IM, and Rabe, JP (2014).
Dynamics of ethanol and water mixtures observed in a self-adjusting molecularly thin slit pore
Langmuir, 30:3455-3459.

Steeg, E, Polzer, F, Kirmse, H, Qiao, Y, Rabe, JP, and Kirstein, S (2014).
Crystalline structure of silver nanowires within a soft template
Miscellaneous publication, DPG Frühjahrstagung, MM 34.22, Dresden, 30.3.-4.4.2014.

Trawny, D, Vandromme, L, Rabe, JP, and Reissig, H-U (2014).
The side chain makes the difference: investigation of 2D self-assembly of 1,3,5-tris[4-(4-pyridinyl)phenyl]benzene derivatives by scanning tunneling microscopy
Eur. J. Org. Chem.(23):4985-4992.

Tsygankova, SV, Chinarev, AA, Tuzikov, AB, Zaitsev, IS, Severin, N, Kalachev, AA, Rabe, JP, Gambaryan, AS, and Bovin, NV (2014).
Biantennary oligoglycines and glyco-oligoglycines self-associating in aqueous medium
Beilstein J. Org. Chem., 10:1372-1382.

Amsalem, P, Niederhausen, J, Wilke, A, Heimel, G, Schlesinger, R, Winkler, S, Vollmer, A, Rabe, JP, and Koch, N (2013).
Role of charge transfer, dipole-dipole interactions, and electrostatics in Fermi-level pinning at a molecular heterojunction on a metal surface
Physical Review B, 87:035440.

Bera, MK, Gholap, SL, Hommes, P, Neuthe, K, Trawny, D, Rabe, JP, Lentz, D, Zimmer, R, and Reissig, H (2013).
Synthesis and properties of branched oligo(2-thienyl)- and oligo(2,2'bithien-5-yl)-substituted pyridine derivatives
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 355:3463-3474.

Bojdys, MJ, Severin, N, Rabe, JP, Thomas, A, Cooper, AI, and Antonietti, M (2013).
Exfoliation of crystalline 2D carbon nitride: thin sheets, scrolls and bundles via mechanical and chemical routes
Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 34:850-854.

Eilers, S (2013).
Strukturelle und elektronische Eigenschaften von Nanographen-Graphen-Systemen sowie Schnitt- und Faltverhalten von Graphen
PhD thesis, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Gensler, M, Eidamshaus, C, Galstyan, A, Knapp, EW, Reißig, HU, and Rabe, JP (2013).
Dissociation behavior of pyridine coordination compounds in aqueous solutions
Miscellaneous publication, DPG Frühjahrstagung, CPP 11.14 / DY 8.14, Regensburg, 10.-15.3.2013.

Kalachev, A, Rabe, JP, and Severin, N (2013).
Method of analyzing a substance

Kurniasih, IN, Liang, H, Kumar, S, Mohr, A, Sharma, SK, Rabe, JP, and Haag, R (2013).
A bifunctional nanocarrier based on amphiphilic hyperbranched polyglycerol derivatives
Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 1:3569-3577.

Lawrenz, F, Severin, N, Rabe, JP, Helm, CA, and Block, S (2013).
Morphology of ultrathin gallium oxide layers
Miscellaneous publication, DPG Frühjahrstagung, CPP 9.35, Regensburg, 10.-15.3.2013.

Lee, CL, Bléger, D, Hecht, S, and Rabe, JP (2013).
Switching single macromolecules at modified graphene surfaces
Miscellaneous publication, DPG Frühjahrstagung, CPP 18.24, Regensburg, 10.-15.3.2013.

Liang, H, Severin, N, Fugmann, S, Sokolov, IM, and Rabe, JP (2013).
Statistics of time-dependent rupture of single ds-DNA
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 117:8875-8879.

Nakayama, Y, Niederhausen, J, Machida, S, Uragami, Y, Kinjo, H, Vollmer, A, Rabe, JP, Koch, N, and Ishii, H (2013).
Valence band structure of rubrene single crystals at the contact with an organic gate dielectric
Organic Electronics, 14:1825-1832.

Qiao, Y, Polzer, F, Kirmse, H, Steeg, E, Kirstein, S, and Rabe, JP (2013).
In-situ synthesis of semiconductor nanoparticles decorating tubular J-aggregates
Miscellaneous publication, DPG Frühjahrstagung, CPP 12.28, Regensburg, 10.-15.3.2013.

Rezania, B, Dorn, M, Severin, N, and Rabe, JP (2013).
Influence of graphene exfoliation on the properties of water-containing adlayers visualized by graphenes and scanning force microscopy
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 407:500-504.

Scenev, V, Cosseddu, P, Bonfiglio, A, Salzmann, I, Severin, N, Oehzelt, M, Koch, N, and Rabe, JP (2013).
Origin of mechanical strain sensitivity of pentacene thin-film transistors
Organic Electronics, 14:1323-1329.