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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät - Physik von Makromolekülen

PMM Referenzen

Dieses Verzeichnis enthält folgenden Referenzen zu Publikationen (sortiert nach Erscheinungsjahr und Autor):

Es befinden sich 546 Einträge in diesem Literaturverzeichnis.

Steeg, E, Kirmse, H, Rabe, JP, and Kirstein, S (2012).
Growth of silver nanowires within nanotubular J aggregates
Miscellaneous publication, DPG Frühjahrstagung, CPP 8.5, Berlin, 25.-30.3.2012.

Amsalem, P, Niederhausen, J, Frisch, J, Wilke, A, Bröker, B, Vollmer, A, Rieger, R, Müllen, K, Rabe, JP, and Koch, N (2011).
Metal-to-acceptor charge transfer through a molecular spacer layer
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 115:17503-17507.

Amsalem, P, Wilke, A, Frisch, J, Niederhausen, J, Vollmer, A, Rieger, R, Müllen, K, Rabe, JP, and Koch, N (2011).
Interlayer molecular diffusion and thermodynamic equilibrium in organic heterostructures on a metal electrode
Journal of Applied Physics, 110:113709.

Bléger, D, Liebig, T, Thiermann, R, Maskos, M, Rabe, JP, and Hecht, S (2011).
Light-orchestrated macromolecular “accordions”: reversible photoinduced shrinking of rigid-rod polymers
Angewandte Chemie, International Edition:12559-12563.

Breusing, M, Kuehn, S, Winzer, T, Malic, E, Milde, F, Severin, N, Rabe, JP, Ropers, C, Knorr, A, and Elsaesser, T (2011).
Ultrafast nonequilibrium carrier dynamics in a single graphene layer
Physical Review B:153410.

Cone, CW, Cho, S, Lyon, JL, Eisele, DM, Rabe, JP, Stevenson, KJ, Rossky, PJ, and Vanden Bout, DA (2011).
Singular value decomposition analysis of spectroelectrochemical redox chemistry in molecular dye nanotubes
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 115:14978-14987.

Eisele, DM, Kirmse, H, Steeg, E, Stevenson, KJ, Vanden Bout, DA, Kirstein, S, and Rabe, JP (2011).
Silver nanowires grown within tubular J-aggregates
Miscellaneous publication, DPG Frühjahrstagung, CPP36.11, Dresden, 13.-18.3.2011.

Frisch, J, Vollmer, A, Rabe, JP, and Koch, N (2011).
Ultrathin polythiophene films on an intrinsically conducting polymer electrode: Charge transfer induced valence states and interface dipoles
Organic Electronics, 12:916-922.

Gensler, M, Eidamshaus, C, Galstyan, A, Knapp, EW, Reißig, HU, and Rabe, JP (2011).
Analysis of multivalent effects using single molecule force spectroscopy (SMFS) on pyridine coordination compounds
Miscellaneous publication, DPG Frühjahrstagung, BP11.4, Dresden, 13.-18.3.2011.

Harmeier, A, Gensler, M, Barucker, C, Rost, B, Zhuang, W, Beyermann, M, Hildebrand, PW, Schmitz, D, Lurz, R, Rabe, JP, and Multhaup, G (2011).
Aggregation of Aß42 is strongly influenced by Gly33 of the GxxxG motif and an inhibitor peptide which mimics Gly33 substitutions
Alzheimer's and Dementia: The Journal of the Alzheimer's Association, 7(4, Suppl.):S381.

Käbisch, S, Pingel, P, Rabe, JP, and Koch, N (2011).
Substrate- and oxidation-induced roughness of individual terraces of pentacene thin films
Thin Solid Films, 519:1857-1860.

Lange, P, Dorn, M, Severin, N, Vanden Bout, DA, and Rabe, JP (2011).
Single- and double- layer graphenes as ultrabarriers for fluorescent polymer films
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 115:23057-23061.

Lechel, T, Gerhard, M, Trawny, D, Brusilowskij, B, Schefzig, L, Zimmer, R, Rabe, JP, Lentz, D, Schalley, CA, and Reissig, H (2011).
Synthesis of 5-acetyloxazoles and 1,2-diketones from -alkoxy-ketoenamides and their subsequent transformations
Chemistry - A European Journal, 17:7480-7491.

Lee, CL, Eisele, DM, Kirstein, S, and Rabe, JP (2011).
Supramolecular structure changes of tubular J-aggregates on various substrates upon drying from water
Miscellaneous publication, DPG Frühjahrstagung, CPP38.14, Dresden, 13.-18.3.2011.

Niederhausen, J, Amsalem, P, Frisch, J, Wilke, A, Vollmer, A, Rieger, R, Müllen, K, Rabe, JP, and Koch, N (2011).
Tuning hole-injection barriers at organic/metal interfaces exploiting the orientation of a molecular acceptor interlayer
Physical Review B, 84:165302.

Sajadi Hezaveh, M (2011).
Local THz Spectroscopy in the Condensed Phase: Femtosecond Stokes Shift of Molecular Probes
PhD thesis, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Salzmann, I, Nabok, D, Oehzelt, M, Duhm, S, Moser, A, Heimel, G, Puschnig, P, Ambrosch-Draxl, C, Rabe, JP, and Koch, N (2011).
Structure solution of the 6,13-pentacenequinone surface-induced polymorph by combining x-ray diffraction reciprocal-space mapping and theoretical structure modeling
Crystal Growth & Design, 11:600-606.

Scenev, V, Cosseddu, P, Bonfiglio, A, Salzmann, I, Severin, N, Oehzelt, M, Koch, N, and Rabe, JP (2011).
Investigation of mechanical strain sensitivity of flexible pentacene thin film transistors up to 10% deformation
Miscellaneous publication, Frontiers of Organic/ Inorganic Hybrid Materials for Electronics and Optoelectronics (KOSMOS 2011), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 17.-25.9.2011.

Severin, N, Dorn, M, Kalachev, A, and Rabe, JP (2011).
Replication of single macromolecules with graphene
Nano Letters, 11:2436-2439.

Severin, N, Dorn, M, Kalachev, A, Zhang, B, Schlüter, AD, and Rabe, JP (2011).
Topography control over graphenes with single macromolecules
Miscellaneous publication, Graphene 2011, Bilbao, Spanien, 11.-14.4.2011.

Steeg, E, Kirmse, H, Rabe, JP, and Kirstein, S (2011).
Growth of silver nanowires within nanotubular J-aggregates
Miscellaneous publication, Sfb 951 Kick-Off Meeting, Berlin, 14.-16.12.2011.

Tsygankova, SV, Chinarev, AA, Tuzikov, AB, Zaitsev, IS, Severin, N, Kalachev, AA, Rabe, JP, and Bovin, NV (2011).
Assembly of Oligoglycine Layers on Mica Surface
Journal of Biomaterials and Nanobiotechnology, 2:91-97.

v Berlepsch, H, Ludwig, K, Kirstein, S, and Böttcher, C (2011).
Mixtures of achiral amphiphilic cyanine dyes form helical tubular J-aggregates
Chemical Physics, 385:27-34.

Vollmer, A, Bröker, B, Hofmann, OT, Rangger, GM, Frank, P, Blum, RP, Rieger, R, Venema, L, Glowatzki, H, Müllen, K, Rabe, JP, Winkler, A, Rudolf, P, Zojer, E, and Koch, N (2011).
Density-Dependent Reorientation and Rehybridization of the Strongly Chemisorbed Conjugated Molecule Hexaazatriphenylene-hexacarbonitrile (HATCN) on Ag(111)
Miscellaneous publication, DPG Frühjahrstagung, DS42.53, Dresden, 13.-18.3.2011.

Vollmer, A, Frisch, J, Lange, I, Blakesley, JC, Rabe, JP, Neher, D, and Koch, N (2011).
Interface dipoles and band bending at polymer/electrode interfaces
Miscellaneous publication, ESPMI VI, Karlsruhe, 25.-28.9.2011.