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Andrew File System usage at HU cluster

All machines within the HU cluster (ms0Xb, as0Xb) as well as the desktop PCs and the gateway machines have AFS clients installed. The default AFS cell is /afs/ .

Example session:

kind@ms06b~> klog
kind@ms06b~> tokens
Tokens held by the Cache Manager:
User's (AFS ID 24179) tokens for [Expires Dec 18 14:45]
   --End of list--
kind@ms06b~> ls /afs/
CVS_mirror/    groups/        man/           project/       users/
calib/         i386_linux22/  maxidisk/      rlprod/        utilities/
commissioning/ i386_linux24/  mbone/         scripts/       www/
conditions/    licensed/      misc/          software/      
ftp/           logs/          offline/       testbeam/  

!!! Important !!!

Copying processes of large amounts of data should be preferably done either at night or at the weekends to avoid network disruptions for the other users.