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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät - Experimentelle Elementarteilchenphysik


ATHENA installation at HU cluster
  • The most recent ATHENA installation is TopPhys16. It is located at ~atlas/athena.
  • The set-up procedure for release 16 is described below.

1. Preparing your account

For details see the ATLAS TWiki.
  1. Create a place for your ATHENA code
    > cd $HOME
    > mkdir cmthome
    > mkdir testarea
    > cd cmthome
  2. Run the setup script
    > source /eeh/atlas/athena/16.0.2/CMT/v1r22/mgr/setup.sh [or .csh]
  3. Create a requirements file in your cmthome/ directory. Make sure the SITEROOT variable is set correctly. Here is an basic example:
    set KIT /eeh/atlas/athena/
    #set KIT /eeh/mandry/atlas/athena/releases
    set SITEROOT ${KIT}/15.6.13 \
     ${KIT}/15.6.13 \
   ${KIT}/15.6.13 \
     ${KIT}/15.6.13 \
            16.0.2      ${KIT}/16.0.2  \
    macro ATLAS_TEST_AREA ${HOME}/atlas/athena/testarea \
            aplusplustest ${HOME}/atlas/athena/aplusplustest
    apply_tag projectArea
    apply_tag opt
    apply_tag setup
    apply_tag simpleTest
    use AtlasLogin AtlasLogin-* $(ATLAS_DIST_AREA)
    set CMTCONFIG i686-slc5-gcc43-opt
  4. Configure CMT
    > cmt config
  5. Copy the fixpython script into your cmthome/ folder
    # Fix the PYTHONPATH variable which his wrongly set by ATHENA/
    # Remove  /usr/lib/python from the list of paths
    export PYTHONPATH=`echo $PYTHONPATH | sed s/":\/usr\/lib\/python"/""/`

2. Everyday setup

  1. Setup the ATHENA release your are going to use by typing
    > source ~/cmthome/setup.sh -tag=16.0.2    [or .csh]
    or for a production release like
    > source ~/cmthome/setup.sh -tag=AtlasProduction,    [or .csh]
  2. Sometime you have to run 'source fixpython' also before source setup.sh -tag=... .

  3. Fix the PYTHONPATH variable which is wrongly set by ATHENA.
    > source fixpython
  4. Using a different DB release version like 10.7.1
    type in your shell before you setup athena:
    export DBRELEASE_OVERRIDE=10.7.1
    and then follow up with step. For a permanent solution you could also add the line
    to the top of your requirement file.

3. Setup for Release 16

For release 16 the cmt directory is not needed any more. The set-up procedure is done with the help of the asetup

cpmmand, e.g.

source /users/eeh/atlas/athena_user/cmthome/fixpython                                                                      
export AtlasSetup=/eeh/atlas/athena/16.0.3/AtlasSetup                                                                     
source $AtlasSetup/scripts/asetup.sh TopPhys, --multi testarea=${HOME}/atlas/athena/testarea/                    
source /users/eeh/atlas/athena_user/cmthome/fixpython 
export ATLAS_POOLCOND_PATH=/afs/cern.ch/atlas/conditions/poolcond/catalogue


4. Athena Tools

  • checkFile.py: print the container of a sample
  • checkTrigger.py: print how many events passed the different Trigger Chains
  • dump-athfile.py: print the meta data of a sample


5. Kit Installation (admins only)

source /afs/cern.ch/atlas/software/pacman/pacman-latest/setup.sh
cd 16.0.3
pacman -lc am-CERN | tee list
source ./cmtsite/setup.sh -tag=16.0.3
pacman -get am-CERN:TopPhys_16_0_3_3_3_i686_slc5_gcc43_opt
  • From time to time it might be necessary to update the database release. Check the release page  for the needed DBRelease. Update with
pacman -get am-CERN:DBRelease-13.7.1