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CVS Repository @HU

How to use the HU-Berlin CVS Repository.

See page bottom for selected links about CVS in general.

1. Access to the Repository

A CVS repository can be used for code development of any kind. This can be software projects or general interest or your personal ROOT macros, Athena packages as well as LaTeX code for publications or presentations. The CVS repository huberlin is located at CERN on backed up AFS space. It can be used by anyone who is authorised by the CVS librarian and has a CERN computing account. The login and password hence are the same as for your CERN lxplus account. It can be accessed in two ways (all commands for bash shell family):
  1. via SSH (outside CERN, e.g. if you are @HU)
  2. via AFS/Kerberos ticket (most helpful on your lxplus account)

If you are denied access to the repository please contact the CVS librarian, he can add you to the list of authorised users. The content of the CVS repository can be viewed online in your web browser on this website and is updated immediately in the case of changes. In order to get notified by email in case of changes to the repository (eg commit by co-developers) pplease subscribe to the mailing list on the Simba webpage.


2. Check out existing Modules

To check out an existing module your_module simply do:
cvs -d $CVSROOT co your_module

For more examples on how to use the CVS check out command see also the A++ section of this website (link below).


3. Start a new Sub-Project

If you would like to start a new personal sub-project you should do this in your personal user directory users/your_login.  First check out a fresh version of the (empty) users directory in the CVS repository:
cvs -d $CVSROOT co -l users

 then add a directory and name it like your CERN user login:

cd users
mkdir your_login
cvs add your_login

 Now you can start to work on your new project. If you experience difficulties of any kind you should contact the CVS librarian.


4. Additional Information

  • - Information on how to use CVS in general.
  • Per Cederqvist's "Version Management with CVS" (html, pdf).
  • SelfLinux CVS documentation containing also some advanced hints (in German)
  • CERN central CVS service  - what it says.
  • HowTo configure SSH in a way that it does not require a password everytime you access the cvs server