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Root @HU

Root installation at the Atlas HU cluster

Recent Root production versions can be found in the home directory of the atlas user at ~atlas/root. Currently binaries for v5.22.00 and v5.26.00 are installed for 32bit as well as for 64bit platforms.


Option 1 (w/o Athena):

In order to use one these versions make sure the environment is set correctly (best to include the following lines in the runtime configuration file of your shell eg. .cshrc, .zshenv, .bashrc etc.). The uname commando ensures that always the correct version for the respective platform is being used.


Bash family

export ROOTSYS=/users/eeh/atlas/root/v5.22.00_`uname -i`
export PATH=${ROOTSYS}/bin:${PATH}


C-Shell family

setenv ROOTSYS /users/eeh/atlas/root/v5.22.00_`uname -i`
setenv PATH ${ROOTSYS}/bin:${PATH}


Option 2 (Athena):

Athena brings its own Root installations. During the Athena setup the ROOTSYS variable and the LD_LIBRARY_PATH are set accordingly. Make sure not change it afterwards!