Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Elementaranregungen und Transport in Festkörpern

Mentoring and Advising

PhD Thesis

Diplom- and Master Thesis

  • Jannis Krumland, Towards efficient green light emitters based on gallium phosphide, HU 2019
  • Christian Golz, Light-emitting diodes based on InAlGaAs/GaP QDs, HU 2015
  • Robert Braun, Optical investigation of InP surface quantum dots and their interaction with organic dye films, HU 2012
  • Valentin Emberger, Investigations on AlP/GaP distributed Bragg reflectors and application in InGaP quantum dot LEDs, HU 2011
  • Leon Bleiwess, Optical investigations of quantum dot-based LED structures with DBR-cavities”, HU 2010
  • Christoph Wollstein, InP/InGaP heterostructures: X-Ray diffuse scattering and photoluminescence spectroscopy, HU 2010
  • Karine Hestroffer, Investigation of AlP/GaP distributed Bragg reflectors, HU 2009
  • Constantin von Dewitz, Optimization of InGaP/GaP light emitters, HU 2009
  • Carsten Pfüller, Investigation of bandstructure of InGaP/GaP quantum dots, HU 2007
  • Gregor Mußler, Der Einfluß einer thermischen Behandlung auf InP/GaP- und InP/InGaP-Quantenpunkte, HU 2001

Bachelor Thesis

  • Michele Mattei, Growth of strained GaSb quantum dots on AlInP for memory device application, HU 2017
  • Bonito Thielert, Low frequency noise spectroscopy on In2O3 films, HU 2015
  • Christian Gotz, AFM analysis on InGaAs/GaP QDs, HU 2013
  • Carsten Tschammer, X-ray investigation on AlP epitaxial films, HU 2013
  • Cristian Ritschel, Structural analysis of III-V semiconductors: surface roughness and strain, HU 2013
  • Dennis Sperlich, Elektrische Untersuchung von Aluminiumphosphid und Anwendung in einem Distributed Bragg Reflektor, HU 2011
  • Robert Braun, Structural characterization of InP quantum dots using atomic-force microscopy, HU 2009
  • Benjamin Wilsch, I-V characterization of light-emitting diodes based on semiconductor nanostructures, HU 2008