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The main topic of our experimental research is fundamental light-matter interaction on the nanoscale. We focus on the realization and investigation of quantum optical model-systems with almost ideal parameter control. In this way quantum interaction on the meso-scale can be revealed. On the other hand, our model systems may also be regarded as building blocks for a future integrated quantum technology.


Photonic Quantum Technologies

  Optical Quantum Information

(Quantum) Hybrid Systems

  Plasmonic Coupling

Quantum Emitters


External Projects (Co-Supervision):



We co-supervise the PhD projects  of Lorena Dhamo, Bettina Grauel and Florian Frenzel  at the group of Dr. Ute Resch-Genger at Bundesamt für Materialforschung und -prüfung BAM (Division 1.2 Biophotonics).
Details of research in this devision can be found here.



We co-supervise the PhD project of Lara Lindloge jointly with the group of Prof. Dr. Markus Gregor at the Department of Engineering Physics at the FH Münster University of Applied Sciences. The focus of the group's research is the realization of quantum sensors with nitrogen-vacancy defect centers in nanodiamond for potential applications and industry's needs.
Within the PhD project an aformentioned sensor system for microbiological applications will be developed.
Details of research in this devision can be found here.






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