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Events and Activities

10/2023 - European Quantum Technologies Conference

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08/2023 - Book a Scientist

Tim Schröder represented us again at Book a Scientist to answer your questions on our research. Thank you for your interest!



08/2023 - Group Retreat to Zingst, Baltic Sea



06/2023 - CLEO Europe, Munich

  • Sinan Gündoğdu: Fabrication of AlGaN Integrated Photonic Devices
  • Gregor Pieplow: Coherent Raman spin control for the generation of high fidelity entangled photonic states with group-IV vacancies
  • Marco Stucki: Diamond ”Sawfish” photonic crystal cavities
  • Cem Güney Torun: Quantum Control and Coherence of Orbital Levels of a Tin-Vacancy Color Center in a Diamond Nanopillar


06/2023 - Workshop on Entanglement Assisted Communication Networks, Taipeh, Taiwan

  • Gregor Pieplow: Generating entangled photonic resource states for quantum network applications with color centers in diamond


17/06/2023 - Long Night of Sciences



03/2023 - CLEO


03/2023 - National Conference on IT-Security Research

Tim at National Conference on IT-Safety research

  • Tim Schröder, Talk


03/2023 - DPG Spring Meeting (SAMOP)

  • Felipe Perona, Talk: Infrared laser absorption magnetometry with Ensembles of Nitrogen-Vacancy centres
  • Gregor Pieplow, Talk: Raman control for ultrahigh fidelity spin gates for the generation of large entangled photonic states with group-IV vacancies
  • Tommaso Pregnolato, Talk: Fabrication of suspended "Sawfish" photonic crystal cavities in diamond
  • Laura Orphal-Kobin, Talk: Overcoming spectral diffusion of NV defect centers in diamond nanostructures for enhanced entanglement generation
  • Cem Güney Torun, Talk: Probing the Orbital Coherence of a Tin-Vacancy Center in a Diamond Nanopillar via Coherent Population Trapping
  • Maarten van der Hoeven, Talk: High-precision localization of color centers in diamond for deterministic coupling to quantum photonic nanostructures
  • Franziska Herrmann, Poster: Development of a stable, compact and cost-effective laser light source for resonant control of tin-vacancy color centres


03/2023 - APS March Meeting


03/2023 - Hasselt Diamond Workshop

  • Tommaso Pregnolato, Poster: Nanofabrication protocols for suspended "Sawfish" photonic crystal cavities in diamond
  • Marco Stucki, Poster: Fabrication of "Sawfish" vs "hole"-based photonic crystal cavities: a comparative investigation


12/2022 - Christmas Party

Laser tag, vegan burgers and drinks!




10/2022 - Frontiers in Optics + Laser Science, Rochester, NY

  • Cem Güney Torun, Talk: Orbital Coherent Population Trapping with a Tin-Vacancy Color Center



23/09/2022 - Climate Strike

Members of IQP participated in the Climate Strike in Berlin to demand actions against a climate catastrophe!



09/2022 - SFB BeyondC Conference

  • Julian Bopp, Poster: "Robust near-unity cavity-to-fiber coupling of light emitted by diamond color centers embedded in 'Sawfish' photonic crystal cavities"


08/2022 - Group Retreat, Elbsandsteingebirge




02/07/2022 - Long Night of Sciences

Can you guide light with jet of water? How do you build your own spectrometer out of a CD and a piece of cardboard? We really enjoyed answering these and more of your questions during the Long Night of Sciences. Thank you for coming and see you next year!




20/06/22 - QPIS Kickoff Event

Launch of the QPIS project for the development of a Quanten-Photonisch Integrierter Skalierbarer Speicher (QPIS)



04/2022 - Grand Challenge der Quantenkommunikation

  • Tim Schröder, Talk: Kickoff
  • Gregor Pieplow, Attendance
  • Jonas Wollenberg, Attendance


09/2021 - DPG SAMOP Meeting

  • Cem Güney Torun, Poster: "Optimized diamond inverted nanocones for enhanced color center to fiber coupling"
  • Franziska Herrmann, Poster: "Construction of a reliable laser light source for resonant excitation of tin-vacany centers"
  • Kilian Unterguggenberger, Poster: "Generation of Optical Pulses for Solid-State Qubit Control"


26/08/2021 - Quantum Future Award



08/2021 - Group Retreat, Spreewald



07/07/2021 - Visit of the Dutch Royals

Laura was given the honor to meet the Dutch royals at TU Berlin and introduce the BOS.QT graduate school to Queen Máxima.

Dutch Royals Visit
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18/03/2021 - Book a Scientist

Speeddating with Science - Tim Schröder participated as an expert and answered your questions on our research with -269 °C cold diamonds.



03/2021 - jugend forscht Berlin

  • Julian Bopp, Juror


02/2021 - Snow in Berlin

More than enough to build a snow dinosaur!



17/12/2020 - Online Christmas Party

Everyone at IQP had a lot of fun playing games during our online christmas party. Check out our impressive performance at Zoom-Mosaic!


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10/2020 - BOS.QT Retreat, Max-Born-Institut, Berlin, Germany

  • Julian Bopp, Poster: "Photonic Integration of Diamond Nanostructures into On-Chip Waveguides"
  • Laura Orphal-Kobin, Poster: "Spectral properties of single NV defect centers in diamond nanopillars"

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01/10/2020 - QBN Meeting on Quantum Sensing

  • Felipe Perona, Attendance
  • Julian Bopp, Attendance


09/2020 - Quantum Symposium (PicoQuant) on Single Photon based Quantum Technologies

  • Julian Bopp, Attendance
  • Laura Orphal-Kobin, Poster: "Spectral properties of single NV defect centers in diamond nanopillars"
  • Cem Güney Torun, Poster: "FE Simulation of a Dipole Emitter Coupled to an Inverted Nanocone"


02/2020 - Workshop on Theoretical and Numerical Tools for Nanophotonics

  • Cem Güney Torun, Poster: "FE Simulation of a Dipole Emitter Coupled to an Inverted Diamond Nanocone"


18/12/2019 - Group Excursion: Christmas Dinner and Bowling


10/2019 - Symposium IRIS 2019, Berlin, Germany

  • Tim Schröder, Talk: "Communication Links for the Quantum Internet of Things"
  • Laura Orphal-Kobin, Poster: "Reduction of spectral diffusion by applying a sequence of optical control pulses"
  • Cem Güney Torun, Poster: "Simulations of Dipole Emitters Coupled to Inverted Cone Nanopillar Diamond Structures"


10/2019 - Junges Kolleg (Bayerische Akademie der Wissershaften) Workshop, Recent Advances in Photonic Quantum Science and Technology, Munich, Germany

  • Tim Schröder, Talk: "Nanophotonic Spin Systems for Quantum Communication"
  • Joseph Munns, Talk: "Optimisation of Entanglement Transfer Between Remote Nodes in Photonic Quantum Communication"


09/2019 - DPG Fall Meeting on Quantum Science and Information Technologies, Freiburg, Germany

  • Laura Orphal-Kobin, Poster: "Reduction of spectral diffusion by applying a sequence of optical control pulses"


20/08/2019 - Group Excursion: Sailing on the Spree and Visit to an Adventure Park



07/2019 - NanoQI'19 Summer School, Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain

  • Laura Orphal-Kobin, Attendance


07/2019 - Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, Lindau, Germany

  • Laura Orphal-Kobin, Attendance


05/2019 - Quantum Symposium hosted by PicoQuant, Berlin, Germany

  • Laura Orphal-Kobin, Poster: "Reduction of spectral diffusion by applying a sequence of optical control pulses" 


05/2019 - Symposium Latsis 2019 on Diamond Photonics - Physics, Technologies & Applications, Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Joseph Munns, Poster: "Optimisation of Entanglement Transfer Between Remote Nodes in Photonic Quantum Communication"

03/2019 - WE-Heraeus-Seminar: Diamond Quantum Technologies, Bad Honnef, Germany

  • Joseph Munns, Poster: "Towards mode manipulation for optimally interfacing disparate defect centres in diamond"
  • Laura Orphal-Kobin, Poster: "Reduction of spectral diffusion by applying a sequence of optical control pulses"