Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Integrated Quantum Photonics

Statement on Equal Opportunities

Members of the Integrated Quantum Photonics Group and the Joint Lab Diamond Nanophotonics are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive research environment as inclusivity is fundamental to cultivating innovation, creativity, and wellbeing. We are committed to offering an equal opportunity to everyone, and we strive for diversity and gender equality within the team. This begins with ensuring that all aspects of group activities, research, and socialising are accessible and inclusive for everyone to participate and contribute, and it includes providing equal support and development opportunities for all individuals. We are committed to continuing our work towards removing barriers to equality within our workspace.

We encourage women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities to consider joining our group.

We have defined several goals that we seek to achieve in our daily work:

  • Diversity and gender equality
  • Accessibility and inclusivity for all
  • Collective knowledge exchange and resource sharing
  • Equal opportunities for development and growth 
  • Innovation through diversity of approaches
  • Advancing research quality and value


You can find a variety of programmes and representatives offering support for Equal Opportunities at Humboldt-University and within the Berlin University Alliance.