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Mono and Combined Bachelor Physics



Study and examination regulations

The current study and examination regulations can be found on the faculty website.

Please also note the following documents:

Students with physics minor please note:

As a general rule, students must present a valid student ID and identification document in order to take an exam.


Lectures, labs, information and materials


Bachelor thesis

Information about the bachelor thesis can be found on the website of the Physics Examination Office.

Registration of a bachelor thesis

    • Find out about currently advertised theses on the information page on bachelor theses. Further information on the topics can be found via the respective contact addresses given. You are free to inquire about additional topics directly from the research groups of the institute.
    • Contact the respective supervisor. Clarify whether the topic will be assigned and agree on the time period of the work, the proposal for the second reviewer and other modalities.
    • Mono Bachelor: Admission to the Bachelor's thesis is possible after achieving at least 120 study points.
    • Combined Bachelor: Admission to the bachelor thesis is possible after successful completion of the modules Pk 1 - Pk 3, Pk 5, Pk 6, Pk 8 and Pk 9a.
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Conducting a bachelor thesis - deadlines

  • Mono Bachelor: The bachelor thesis comprises 10 study points, i.e., a workload of 360 hours. After registration for the bachelor thesis, exactly 18 weeks are available for completion.
  • Combined Bachelor: The bachelor thesis comprises 10 study points, i.e., a workload of 300 hours. After registration for the bachelor thesis, exactly 3 months are available for completion.
  • It is recommended to use all or part of the lecture-free period (preferably between the 5th and 6th semester) for working on the bachelor project.
  • The bachelor's program should be completed by the end of the 6th semester, i.e. the bachelor's thesis should have been submitted and graded by this time.
  • For a limited period of one semester, provisional enrollment in the Master's program is also possible without the Bachelor's degree under certain conditions. As a rule, however, you should be registered for all module examinations. Ms. Voigt, Examinations Office of Physics, issues a certificate of the credits acquired so far, which is to be presented at the Enrollment Office for provisional enrollment.
  • Please note that other application deadlines and admission requirements apply for admission to other Master's programs (e.g. also abroad). Coordinate the completion of your work with these.

Writing a bachelor thesis

An information sheet on the final thesis in physics can be found on the website of the examination office. In any case, the writing of the thesis should be done in intensive discussion with the respective first supervisor.

Submission of a bachelor thesis

Three copies of the bachelor theses must be submitted to the examination office.

Bachelor thesis defense

The defense of a bachelor thesis takes place in the form of a presentation on the thesis followed by a discussion. It is recommended to limit the duration of the presentation to 20 minutes and the duration of the questioning to 10 minutes. The examiner is the first supervisor. The presence of the second examiner is recommended.

Extension of the deadline for a bachelor thesis

In justified cases, a Bachelor thesis can be extended by a maximum of 6 weeks (Mono Bachelor) or 4 weeks (Combined Bachelor) upon request. This corresponds to 1/4 of the total time needed to complete the thesis. The request must be made in due time, i.e. by the same period of time for which an extension is requested, before the original deadline.

Further regulations

If you are aiming for an external thesis (outside the institute), your external supervisor should be the second supervisor. The first supervisor must belong to the Institute of Physics. The examination board will decide on exceptions upon request. Supervision of the thesis by examiners who are not registered as such at the Institute of Physics must always be approved by the examination board.

Further legally binding regulations for the Bachelor thesis can be found in the study and examination regulations.



Antrag auf Zulassung zur Abschlussarbeit (Formular auf der Webseite des Prüfungsbüros)