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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät - International Research Training Group 1740

Information for Applicants

The IRTG is providing 75% E13 positions for doctoral researchers funded by DFG. All positions are scheduled to start on October 1st 2017.
The following positions for PhD-students are offered:

Project A1 - Coupled dynamical systems and applications to semi-supervised classification task (DR/075/17)
Dr. Serhiy Yanchuk (TUB)

Project A3 (2 Positions) - Clusters of oscillatory states on networks with local and global coupling (DR/076/17)
Prof. Michael Rosenblum (UP) & PD Dr. Michael Zaks (HUB)

Project A5 - Algebra of Infections (DR/077/17)
Prof. Igor Sokolov (HUB)

Project B2 - Fluctuations of stochastic systems (DR/078/17)
Prof. Nicolas Perkowski (HUB)

Project C1 - Drought extremes and their effects on Brazil (DR/079/17)
Prof. Jürgen Kurths (HUB/PIK)

Project C2 - Evaluating the atmospheric origins and ecological impacts of drought events in South America using complex networks (DR/080/17)
Dr. Susanne Rolinski (PIK)

Project C3 - Climate feedbacks from changes in fire-vegetation interactions in South-America (DR/081/17)
Dr. Kirsten Thonicke (PIK)

Project C5 - Interaction of tipping elements in the climate system (DR/082/17)
Prof. Ricarda Winkelmann (UP/PIK)

Project C6 - Complex network analysis of scale-dependent and cross-scale interactions between tropical and extra-tropical climate modes (DR/083/17)
Dr. Reik Donner (PIK)

Please send your application letter and the normal application documents until August 22nd 2017 to: hansmann@physik.hu-berlin.de