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Optics/Photonics Research


Optics/Photonics is one of the four research topics at the Department of Physics. The experimental and theoretical research groups concentrate on novel emerging fields within the optical sciences beyond traditional optics. These concern light of highest and lowest intensity down to single photons, light at highest stability, light in confined geometry and in complex nanostructures, light & coherent radiation from novel light sources or interacting with condensed matter, as well as light emitted or absorbed from smallest entities of matter such as molecules or atoms. In these research efforts light is both a tool and an object of study itself. The Optics groups at the Department of Physics have tight links with the non-university research centres on the Adlershof campus. There are joint affiliations, e.g. S-Professorships, with the Max-Born-Institute, the DLR-Institute of Optical Sensor Systems and the Ferdinand-Braun-Institute.



Research Groups

Fundamentals of Optics and Photonics

Prof. Dr. Arno Rauschenbeutel


nanooptikProf. Dr. Oliver Benson

Modern Optics

modernProf. Dr. Alejandro Saenz

Integrated Quantum Photonics

IntegtratedQuantumPhotonicsProf. Dr. Tim Schröder

Optical Metrology

quomsProf. Achim Peters, Ph.D

Attosecond Physics

maxbornProf. Dr. Mikhail Ivanov

Theoretical Optics & Photonics

topsProf. Dr. Kurt Busch

Nonlinear Ultrafast Optics


Prof. Dr. Günter Steinmeyer

X-Ray Microscopy

Prof. Dr. Gerd Schneider 

Nonlinear Quantum Optics

Dr. Sven Ramelow
(Emmy Noether Group)

Optical Systems

sensorsystemeProf. Dr. Heinz-Wilhelm Hübers (S-Professorship)

Nonlinear Processes in Condensed Matter

elsasserProf. Dr. Thomas Elsässer