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Friday Light Talks





 Friday Light Talks is more than just a series of scientific presentations. It is a supportive community of early career researchers, brought together by a shared passion for knowledge and connection. Hosted by physicists working in quantum optics and nanophotonics at Humboldt University, these regular events provide a welcoming context for students and young researchers to meet, interact, and learn from one another over a drink. Whether discussing scientific topics or exploring issues of career development, mental health, and diversity in academia, the Friday Light Talks are a platform for empowering the next generation of scientific leaders.


Format: 20-30 min presentation followed by a get together with drinks

Where? At the Physik Institute - NewtonStr. 15, 12489.

The talks take place either at the Main Lecture Hall or at Room 1,202, depending on availability. The room is announced together with the speaker previous to each talk.

When? Every second Friday at 5pm





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May 12

+++ Special Event +++

Day of Light


 In occasion of the UNESCO International Day of Light, we are hosting Danilo Flores, co-founder of Mimotype, a Berlin based startup developing bio-inspired materials for ambient light sources. He will tell us about their scienceprenuer journey and will drive into the dark side of light bulb industry.




May 26

+++ Special Event +++

Mental Health in Academia


Katharina Bögl (Scholar Minds, Charité) and Luisa Esguerra (PhD student) will introduce us to the often-overlooked topic of mental health challenges among PhD and postdoc. With this event we aim to provide a safe and supportive space to initiate a dialogue and encourage open discussions to work together towards creating a healthier academic community.







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28.04.2023: Marco De Pas (Fritz-Haber-Institut): The extreme conditions of a scientific Antartic campaign: a photographic journey

14.04.2023: Julien Kluge (AG IQS, HU), Small Clock, Big Imact: A Spaceborn Atomic Clock the Size of a Shoebox with an Instability of 0.000000000000001

31.03.2023: Ananga-Mohan Datta (AG TOP, HU), Generating Schrödinger-cat-like states by means of photon subtraction on a waveguide-trimer 

17.03.2023. Christian Liedl (AG GOP, HU), From flashing fireflies to quantum choirs: spontaneous synchronization in superradiance

03.03.2023: Jan Kirchhoff (AG Bolotin, FU), Tunable Graphene Phononic Crystals

10.02.2023: Laura Orphal-Kobin (AG IQP, HU), Optically coherent nitrogen-vacancy defect centers in diamond nanostructures

27.01.2023: Julian Bopp (AG IQP, HU), Near-unity cavity-to-fiber coupling mediated by ‘Sawfish’ photonic crystal cavities – or: which animal confines light best?

13.01.2023: Simon Kanthak (AG IQS, HU), Engineering of matter-wave lenses for quantum sensing and information




16.12.2022: Luisa Esguerra Rodríguez (AG Wolters, DLR), Laser Luisa and the quest for the lost photons

02.12.2022: Kathinka Gerlinger (AG Eisebitt, MBI), Of Hedgehogs and Lightsaber/s - Manipulating Magnetism with Light

18.11.2022: Lucas Rickert (AG Heindl, HU), Semiconductor Quantum Dots for Quantum Information Technologies: 101 ways of how to not get a perfect quantum light source

21.10.2022: Special Event: Friday Light Show

 To celebrate the Day of Photonics we are setting up a special Friday Light Talk with hands-on experiments and light games. Join us for the "Friday Light Show - a journey through the spectrum" with Daniel Lechner (AG GOP, HU) and Luisa Esguerra (AG Wolters, DLR)

07.10.2022: Francesco Arzani (AG Eisert, FU), Can crystals and pendulums heal quantum computers? An introduction to Gottesman-Kitaev-Preskill codes

23.09.2022: Special Event: PostDoc Appreciation Week 2022

To celebrate the PostDoc Appreciation Week 2022 we are thrilled to welcome Dr Petya Jordan, the coordinator of the newly established PostDoc Center Adlershof that will talk about "PostDoc Center: what is it and why we need it". Afterwards, Giulia Carini will present her PhD project in the group of Pr Paarmann at the Fritz Haber Institute. To best conclude the day, we will have a get-together with pizza kindly offered by the PostDoc Center Adlershof.

29.07.2022: Gabriela Luna Amador (AG Reich, FU), Light-matter coupling in plasmonic platforms

01.07.2022: Philip Albrodt (Trumpf), From academia to R&D in the laser industry

17.06.2022: Pablo Hernández López (AG PLD, HU), Strain engineering and hybridization of excitons in 2D semiconductors

03.06.2022: Felix Tebbenjohanns (AG GOP, ETH Zurich), Quantum optomechanics with optically levitated particles

20.05.2022: Gregor Pieplow (AG IQP, HU), Coherent Optical control of group IV vacancies in diamond

06.05.2022: Esteban Gómez López (AG Nanoptik, HU), Storing light in warm vapors at single photon level

22.04.2022: Luke Masters (AG GOP, HU), A photon-pair source from a single atom