Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Physics of Macromolecules

Theses Topics & Internships


Advanced Labs & Master Projects

1. Hydrogenating nanographenes en route to atomically-precise nanodiamond

2. Stacking of molecular heterostructure photoresists toward atomically
precise 3D printing of nanomembranes

3. Photodoping of graphene and diamond C(100) by graphene nanoribbons

4. Phonon topology in molecular architectures


Further Master/ Bachelor/ Internships

1. Microscopically resolved fluorescence spectroscopy of Graphene oxide flakes

2. Raman spectroscopy of graphene confinig water/ethanol mixtures

3. Microscopical optical reflection spectroscopy on graphene confining water/ethanol mixtures


Student Assistents

Topological transport in supramolecular architectures