Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät - International Research Training Group 1740

Models of anomalous transport: From Tokamaks to atmosphere


In this subproject we investigate numerically, using Hamiltonian models, diffusion, dispersion and mixing of particles in a magnetically confined plasma of tokamaks and aerosols in the atmosphere. One of our main goals is to built a bridge between this two cases concentrating on an unified description of anomalous transport.

For the plasma confined in tokamaks, the radial transport of particles appears due to electrostatic fluctuations and the numerical study is done using a model of drift waves proposed in [Horton, 1985] and discussed in [Marcus, 2008]. For this case, we are interested in investigate how diffusion and dispersion vary with time, how this quantities are related to mixture and how mixture is induced by the existence of coherent structures in the flow [Haller, 2000].

In order to study the movement of aerosols in the atmosphere, a model proposed in [Negrete, 1993] for the Rossby waves is used. This waves arise due to Coriolis forces in the atmosphere. In this model we can see chains of island with convective flow of particles which, in turn, generate diffusion, dispersion and mixing similar to the model for plasma.


  • Prof. Dr. Iberê L. Caldas, USP São Paulo, Brazil
  • Prof. Dr. Igor M. Sokolov, HU Berlin, Germany
  • Rafael O. Suigh, PhD-student, USP São Paulo, Brazil


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