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27.3.2015 09:30 : Graduate School Opening

Hybrid Materials for Efficient Energy Generation and Information Technologies (Hybrid4Energy) Perovskites – Basic Research for High Efficiency Solar Cells (HyPerCells)
  • Wann 27.03.2015 von 09:30 bis 18:00
  • Wo Lecture Hall HZB, Hahn-Meitner-Platz 1, 14109 Berlin-Wannsee
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9:30 Opening

Prof. Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla (Scientific Director Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin)

Prof. Jan-Hendrick Olbertz (President Humboldt Universität Berlin)

Prof. Robert Seckler (Vice President for Research and Junior Academics at University of Potsdam)

10:00 Introduction by Coordinators of the Graduate Schools

Prof. Dieter Neher – Uni Potsdam/Dr. T. Unold - HZB

Prof. Norbert Koch – HU Berlin/Prof. J. Dzubiella - HZB

10:30 Coffee and Photo
11:00 Presentation of Projects

- Prof. M. Bargheer (Uni Potsdam) – Electronic and nuclear dynamics in perovskites

- Prof. N. Nickel (HZB) - hybrid solar cells combining innovative nanostructures, perovskites and graphene

- Prof. J. Dzubiella (HZB/HU) - Theoretical challenges in hybrid materials

- Prof. M. Bär (HZB) - Chemical and electronic structure of perovskites from X-ray spectroscopy

12:00 Lunch Break
13:00 Presentation of Projects

- Dr. M. Shalom (MPI Golm) – Defined crystallization from solution

- Dr. Y. Lu (HZB) - Synthesis of nanoparticles with tunable properties

- Dr. T. Brenner (Uni Potsdam) - Charge carrier dynamics in perovskite solar cells

- Prof. M. Schmid (HZB) - Light management in hybrid solar cells

14:00 Introduction of Graduate Students (5 min)
15:00 Course Overview
15:30 Get together (Café Jahn)


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