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Jan Plefka among the 100 most prominent scientists in Berlin

The team of the Berlin science editorial office at the Tagesspiegel has identified the 100 leading figures in Berlin's research scene for the year 2023. Over the course of the year, these experts have significantly influenced the Berlin research region with their remarkable achievements and innovations. Tagesspiegel has a wide coverage and makes sciences visible to a broad public (link to the German article, behind paywall).
Among those selected is Prof. Jan Plefka, a member of the Department  of Physics. His work focuses on intriguing questions about the formation of black holes, the validity of Einstein's theories in the realm of strong gravitational fields, and the search for evidence of a physics that goes beyond the known forces and particles of nature. In his research, he uses quantum field theory, a mathematical description of the fundamental building blocks of our universe, to study gravitational waves, for example. This exciting research topic was recently supported by an ERC Advanced Grant.
Prof. Jan Plefka's selection as one of Berlin's top 100 scientists is a recognition of his outstanding research achievements.