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Fundamentals of Optical Sciences WS20/21



Fundamentals of Optical Sciences [P30]

Lecturer: Prof. A. Rauschenbeutel & Prof. A. Saenz

Exercises: Prof. A. Rauschenbeutel, Prof. A. Saenz



Wednesday 9:15 o'clock    

Lecture [ digitally via HU zoom ]

Thursday  9:15 o'clock

Lecture [ digitally via HU zoom ]

Friday 11:15 o'clock

Lecture [ digitally via HU zoom ]

Monday 15:15 o'clock

Exercises [ digitally via HU zoom ]



This course starts with the lecture on Wednesday, 04.11.2020.

Note, this is just an informal web page that is updated only during the start of the semester. The official communication platform is on Moodle! Every course participant is thus requested to register for this course on Moodle (in order to receive updated information and exercise sheets)!



Course content

  • Introduction: Electrodynamics (a Reminder)

  • Wave Optics and Light Propagation (Resonators, Photonic Crystals and

  • Light-Matter Interaction (semi-classical description)

  • Optical Amplification and Laser

  • Types of Lasers and other Coherent Radiation Sources

  • Applications (Frequency Conversion, Laser Spectroscopy, Ultrafast Processes)

  • Nano-Optics und Plasmonics

  • Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field (Fock, Thermal, and Coherent States,
    Properties of Coherence)

  • Quantum-Mechanical Light-Matter Interaction (Jaynes-Cummings Model)



Prof. Dr. A. Rauschenbeutel, HU Physik, arno.rauschenbeutel[at], 030-2093-82152.
Prof. Dr. A. Saenz, HU Physik, alejandro.saenz[at], 030-2093-4902.