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Prof. Dr. Cigdem Issever

I am an experimental particle physicist and member of the ATLAS collaboration at CERN. I am head of the Experimental High Energy Group at the Humboldt University of Berlin and a leading scientist at DESY and leader of the particle physics group at DESY Zeuthen.

Bild Cigdem Issever

My Research

My research focuses on understanding the underlying mechanism of how mass is generated in nature and what Dark Matter could be. 

My current research interests are:

  • Higgs Self-Coupling measurement with di-Higgs final states at the Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Development of advanced algorithms for particle identification for the LHC
  • Forward cross-section measurements with ATLAS and LHCf experiments
  • Digital Calorimeter R&D
  • Searches for Dark Matter signatures with quantum sensors;

I actively work on the calibration and performance studies of jets in the ATLAS detector. I am also using my expertise in jet reconstruction to improve the b-jet identification in ATLAS which is important for my research in jet+Higgs and di-Higgs final state where the Higgs bosons decay into a pair of b-quarks. My research group is also contributing strongly into the development and operation of the ATLAS Trigger.

Besides my ATLAS research, I am also interested in generic detector R&D, in particular the development of high spatial and time resolution calorimeters with potential medical applications.

Scientific Coordination Roles

  • Academic Director of the Oxford-Berlin Strategic Research Partnership, since 2021
  • Head of the Experimental High Energy Group at Humboldt University of Berlin, since 2019
  • Leader of the Particle Physics Group at DESY Zeuthen, 2020
  • Convener of the ATLAS X→bb effort of the ATLAS Flavour Tagging Group, 16 - 17
  • Convener of the ATLAS JetEtmiss Combined Performance Group, 14 - 16
  • Coordinator of the IOP HEPP Half-Day Meetings, 09 - 13
  • Convener of the ATLAS Exotics Physics Group, 09 - 11
  • Convener of the ATLAS-CMS Joint optoelectronic working group, 07 - 09
  • Optoelectronic Work Package Coordinator, Versatile Link Project, 08 - 09
  • UK ATLAS Optoelectronic Work Package Coordinator, 07 - 09


Panels and Committees

  • Member of the Institutsrat, Institut of Physics, Humboldt, 23
  • Member of the Strategy Committee of the Institut of Physics, Humboldt
  • Member of the Women Committee of the Institut of Physics at Humboldt-Unversity of Berlin, DE, 19
  • Member of the Project Peer Review Panel (PPRP), UK, 15 - 17
  • Chair of the Particle Physics Outreach Committee in Oxford, UK, 17 - 18
  • School Liaison Fellow at Lincoln College, Oxford, UK, 16 - 19
  • Head of the CERN Child Care Initiative, 08 - 14