Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät - Phenomenology of Elementary Particle Physics beyond the Standard Model

Winter Term 2016/2017


Date Title Speaker     
19.10.16 First Meeting
26.10.16 A study of top-quarks with a jet Manfred Kraus
02.11.16 Full differential NNLO QCD for Higgs + Jet at the LHC - Part I Markus Schulze
09.11.16 Single-top production in association with two jets at NLO QCD Stefan Mölbitz
16.11.16 Precision effects in Higgs pair production: Background and signal studies Julien Baglio (Tuebingen)
23.11.16 Terascale Meeting 2016 - DESY Hamburg  
30.11.16 Transforming differential equations of multi-loop Feynman integrals into canonical form Christoph Meyer
07.12.16 Full differential NNLO QCD for Higgs + Jet at the LHC - Part II

Markus Schulze

  Christmas break  
04.01.17 NLO QCD corrections for single-top plus Higgs production Sascha Peitzsch
11.01.17 Heavy Higgs bosons in tt production within the 2HDM - Spin observables Peter Galler
18.01.17 QCD in the light-cone gauge Manfred Kraus
25.01.17 Vaccum stability Fred Jegerlehner
01.02.17 moved to 22.02.17  
08.02.17 canceled  
15.02.17 Two-loop bosonic electroweak calculation to the weak mixing angle of the Zbb vertex Johann Usovitsch
22.02.17 Tutorial - Canonica Christoph Meyer