Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät - Phenomenology of Elementary Particle Physics beyond the Standard Model

Summer Term 2019


Date Title Speaker/Discussion leader    
10.04.19 First Meeting
17.04.19 Distribution of Topics  
24.04.19 Introduction to Parton Showers Manfred Kraus
01.05.19 Tag der Arbeit  
08.05.19 Parton shower matching  @ NLO Manfred Kraus
15.05.19 Status report Jacob Budau
29.05.19 Elliptical Integrals (cancelled) Bas Tausk
05.06.19 Frequentist hypotheses testing Lina Alasfar
12.06.19 Status report Lina Alasfar
19.06.19 Perturbative Unitarity Ramona Groeber
26.06.19 Elliptical Integrals Bas Tausk
03.07.19 Rehearsal Lina Alasfar
10.07.19 EPS conference  
14.08.19 The Dipole Subtraction Formalism (special time: 13:00) Felix Gamst
28.08.19 Produktion Dunkler Materie am LHC: spin-0 vs. spin-1 Maximilian Schild
11.09.19 Monte-Carlo integration Felix Gamst