Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät - Phenomenology of Elementary Particle Physics beyond the Standard Model

Summer Term 2016


Date Title Speaker     
20.4.2016 First meeting


04.5.2016 SHiP experiment ( Duc Ninh LE
11.5.2016 Automated calculation of $sin\theta_W$ and $M_W$ from muon decay within FlexibleSUSY Markus Bach
18.5.2016 Collinear Gluons and their coupling to Gravitons in the CHY formalism Wadim Wormsbecher
25.5.2016 off-shell single top ( Group
01.6.2016 What could ROOT do for you? Till Martini
08.6.2016 Production of heavy Higgs bosons and decay into top quarks at the LHC Peter Galler
15.6.2016 A new 17MeV bump (arXiv:1504.01527, 1604.07411) Group
22.6.2016 3D field theories with Chern-Simons term for large N in the temporal gauge Prof. Jean Zinn-Justin
29.6.2016 tHj production at the LHC - NLO corrections Sascha Peitzsch
06.7.2016 Dynamics of weak scale relaxation Virgile Lahu
13.7.2016 tjj production at NLO in QCD Stefan Mölbitz
22.07.2016 Top Quarks at 100 TeV Susanne Westhoff