Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät - Phenomenology of Elementary Particle Physics beyond the Standard Model

Winter Term 2020/2021


Date Title Speaker/Discussion leader    
11.11.20 Distribution of Topics/Organizational stuff  
18.11.20 Bachelor thesis defense Saimeng Zhou
25.11.20 Introduction/Research interests/Previous work Jasper Roosmale Nepveu
02.12.20 Introduction/Research interests/Previous work Daniele Artico
09.12.20 Master thesis defense Felix Gamst
16.12.20 Introduction/Research interests/Previous work Yingxuan Xu
06.01.20 New year get-together  
13.01.21 Unraveling the mystery of Flavor Physics Maria Cerda-Sevilla
20.01.21 Details on the Baikov representation Yingxuan Xu
27.01.21 Machine learning in HEP Daniele Artico
03.02.21 Constraining anomalous top Yukawa from Higgs loops Till Martini
10.02.21 Higgs Physics Lina Alasfar
17.02.21 Introduction to SINGULAR Yingxuan Xu
24.02.21 Master thesis defense Haris Colic