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HIOS Symposium 2018



The symposium will focus on hybrid structures comprising inorganic semiconductors, conjugated organic materials, and metal nanostructures. Topics include structure and morphology, electronic structure and control of inorganic/organic interfaces, charge and energy transfer, hybrid optical excitations, plasmonic phenomena etc. Invited talks will be presented by outstanding international experts and by members of the CRC 951. Excellent networking opportunities and room for lively discussions will be provided during a poster session and a joint dinner together with a taste of the technology park Adlershof.

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Confirmed speakers


Oliver Benson - HU Berlin

Caterina Cocchi - HU Berlin

Stephen Forrest - U Michigan

Marcus Halik - U Erlangen

Stefan Hecht - HU Berlin

Andreas Knorr - TU Berlin

Frank Koppens - ICFO Barcelona

Emil List-Kratochvil - HU Berlin

Karl Leo - TU Dresden

Klaus Meerholz - U Köln

Dieter Neher - U Potsdam

Ulf Peschel - U Jena

Michael Rohlfing - U Münster

Mariana Rossi - FHI Berlin

Isabelle Staude - U Jena

Eva Unger - HZB Berlin

Xinran Wang - Nanjing University

Roie Yerushalmi - U Jerusalem

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