Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät - SFB 951 - HIOS

Gender equality


The CRC 951 is attaching great importance to the provision of equal opportunities. Since female scientists are unfortunately still underrepresented in sciences, our measures aim to:



1. Increase the number of female students by early dismantling
gender stereotypes

2. Increase the career qualifications of early-career female researchers and
the number of female researchers at the project management level

3. Provide a family friendly work environment >>check here<<


To this end, we collaborate with WiNS Adlershof (Women in Natural Sciences), GeCo (Gender Consulting for research alliances) and Club Lise mentoring to support our female members with gender-specific career development programmes and to encourage female pupils to join the fascinating world of science and enrich us with new ideas and perspectives.


1. Programmes for female pupils:

In collaboration with Club Lise mentoring we have established scientific visiting programmes for female pupils such as Forscherinnen-Tag and Schülerinnen on Tour. These programmes include interactive scientific presentations, demonstration experiments with HIOS materials, and hands-on experience with authentic experimental equipment. We also regularly participate on the Girls’Day with HIOS specific programmes. In addition, the CRC 951 offers female pupils the opportunity for short- and long-term internships (SchülerInnenpraktika) in various scientific projects.

Teachers and pupils are highly welcome to contact the CRC office for more information and to participate in group or in individual HIOS programmes for female pupils.





2. Career programmes for female scientists:


We cover the costs for job training, coaching, or mentoring of female scientists. Please make sure to regularly check the webpage of our partner WiNS Adlershof for upcoming events. Of course, we also cover the costs for your participation at other events such as the Deutsche Physikerinnentagung, I,Scientist, etc.  


Please contact the CRC office if you wish
to participate on a career development course.



Based on regular surveys with respect to demands, the CRC also organizes own career development workshops on topics such as: leadership competencies and networking for female scientists as done 2016.


3. HIOS Gender Equality Workshop:


Although we offer various programs supporting gender equality, individual needs often require individual approaches and situation-specific solutions which have to be discussed in an open dialog. For this purpose, the CRC 951 organizes once per funding period a scientifically oriented HIOS Gender Equality Workshop, to which members of the CRC 951 and students of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin are invited. Female senior scientist from Germany and abroad, experts in the field of hybrid materials and very much engaged for gender equality within the scientific community, join the workshop as invited speakers. The participants of the workshop use the opportunity of discussing both the current research efforts in this exciting field and the difficulties and possibilities of female scientists in different cultures.




Check here for the program and some impressions of the 2014 workshop and the 2017 workshop here.
The next HIOS Gender Equality Workshop will most probably take place 2021.