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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät - SFB 951 - HIOS




The Collaborative Research Centre 951 HIOS is attaching great importance to the provision of equal opportunities and a family-friendly work environment for its members. We especially want to back up scientists who may be disadvantaged in their scientific work due to family commitments. Therefore, the CRC 951 offers various programs supporting the reconciliation
of work and family life.



If wish to make use of the services listed below or want to learn more about them, please contact the CRC office. We will also gladly help to find individual solutions for you, should you require any any type of support not listed below.



Finding a Kita place

Do you have problems finding a free Kita place for your child in Berlin? We cooperate with childcare centres such as FRÖBEL Bildung und Erziehung gGmbH , where, in case of vacancies, members of CRC 951 are given priority in the assignment of a Kita place in one of the 27 Fröbel day care centres in Berlin. In addition, we can cover the costs for prolonged opening hours and the waiving of closing times (e.g. during summer holidays) at any Kita in general.


For more information see:




General childcare support


Do you need additional child care, even at short notice? In cooperation with Kids Mobilwe are also able to offer a flexible and mobile childcare service to our members. This service can be taken advantage of whenever additional childcare is necessary e.g., during scientific events relevant to the CRC 951, in case of increased working hours, when regular childcare is not available, during unforeseen events, and on similar occasions. Of course, you get to know your child care provider in advance.


For more information see:




HIOS Kids Box


If you want to bring your child with you to the office, the Kids Box can provide interesting things for your child to play with. The box can be rolled to the workplace and turns it into a parent-child room. It contains many toys for babies and children up to primary school age, various hygiene articles and offers sleeping and changing possibilities.


Maurizio and William Roczen working on different projects.

For more information see:




Childcare support during conferences


Do you need to attend a CRC relevant conference but childcare is either unavailable or your child needs to be nursed? The CRC can cover the travel and accommodation expenses for accompanying children and babysitters or for additional childcare at home due to the absence of one parent during conferences.




Home office equipment


Do you take care of your children or of dependent relatives while working at home? The CRC can cover the costs for the establishment and operation of a fully equipped home office including a laptop or desktop PC. The home office equipment remains property of the university.



Temporary substitute



In case of family-related absences, such as parental leave or dependent care, project leaders on maternity or parental leave have the option to be relieved from project-specific routine tasks (including project management) by qualified temporary support staff. The same may also apply for regular project research staff.




Other type of support


  • Installation of family rooms including a workstation and upgrading of already existing family rooms as needed
  • Co-financing of day care centres (participation in personnel costs, participation in establishment and equipment costs) to allow for more flexible hours or to expand offerings for toddlers (compared to the local standard)




More information


Please check also the leaflet "Vereinbarkeit von Promotion und Familie" of the Humboldt-Universität (german only):>>click here<<


Check out "METIS", our new website dedicated to gender equality and family-friendliness


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