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Networking, Personal Branding and Self-presentation

Networking, Personal Branding and Self-presentation

To build a well-functioning network is a vital component in planning a science career. Many highly qualified scientists have taken a route to build their career that has been arduous and lonely. This module explores methods of easier career development, by the strategic use of networking.

Whether planning a career in the scientific or commercial world the need for self-financing projects is increasingly important. This seminar provides an overview of the structure of networking - the strengths and weaknesses of working in networks and allows for an opportunity to optimise your own networking activity and strategies for acquisition.




  • The purpose of a network
  • Construction and maintenance of a co-operation network (or research group)
  • Strategic co-operation within the scientific community (universities and non-university research institutions), businesses and organizations
  • Typical problems in networks
  • Use of online and face-to-face networks
  • Formal and informal networks in the scientific community
  • Overview of funding and external funding
  • Fundamentals of successful acquisition