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Understanding Visual Communication

Understanding Visual Communication

Learning the language of the visual

Based on the course leader’s twelve years’ experience as a graphic designer and his subsequent experience in training small printing companies to transform themselves into design consultancies, this course examines the principles of visual communication that will enable primarily verbal communicators to become more effective at expressing their ideas in a compelling visual format.



  • Developing visual awareness – how to learn to become more visual
  • Visual design principles: visual focus, differentiation, pattern, contrast, simplicity, consistency, colour, typography
  • Interactivity and motion graphics
  • Integration of words as part of the image
  • Applying the principles of visual design to scientific contexts
  • Presentation of data and research results in visual forms
  • Visual storytelling
  • Information visualisation
  • Use of photographic images
  • Designing icons and graphic representations


Using a lively mix of practical exercises, discussion, tutorial and group work, this course explores the process of applying visual communication principles to academic and scientific subjects.

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