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Academic and Scientific Writing in English

Academic and Scientific Writing in English

Achieving higher levels of written English

Even for those who have attained a high level of written English, there are many small points of grammar and style that can confuse and hamper the non-native writer. We will focus on these and other language questions in a systematic manner, while building on your store of academic vocabulary and expressions. There are regular writing tasks to practice the skills learnt, with feedback following each exercise.



  • Appropriate levels of formality
  • Tips for writing productivity
  • Nailing the problem of structure
  • Achieving a good ‘flow’ of ideas and expression
  • Achieving impact by careful word choice
  • Accuracy in definition
  • Describing problems, solutions and outcomes
  • Clarity, brevity and style of English
  • Presenting data and data commentary
  • Understanding the most common mistakes


All of these writing skills will be examined in the context of a variety of types of writing: general-specific texts, problem-process-solution texts and data commentary texts.


In this course, the option exists for the participants to spend the second half-day of the course in a writing workshop – examining and editing a short piece of their own writing (500- 600 words – for example, an abstract or an extract from the introduction, a key passage or conclusion). This will require the participants to be sent a pre-course briefing during the week preceding the course.

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