Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Department of Physics

Application for a Physics Account

The Physics Account provides you with a Physics email address (Standard:

Application with existing CMS account (mandatory for students, preferred variant for employees)

Please log in on a computer in the computer room (Newtonstr. 15, room 1'427) with the CMS account (HU account). Use as user name <hu-account> Then click on "Application for a Physics Account" in the start menu. Please print out the automatically generated form, enter the registration number (students only) and address, sign it, separate the lower part and throw the upper part in the letterbox in the Computer room. After activating the Physics Account, you will be notified via the CMS email address (Björn Leder, Room 1'405 will create the accounts).

Application without CMS account

Employees can apply for the Physics Account in in the Computing Centre in room 1'424 or 1'405. You can also complete the form, print it out, sign it and hand it over in one of the  rooms mentioned above or send it by internal mail to the Computing Centre of the Department of Physics (Electronic completion is only possible with Adobe Acrobat Reader - not xpdf or kpdf).


For further information, please call 030 2093-7980 or 030 2093-7661 or send an email to

Changing Password

For security reasons it is necessary, that you change your email password every six months. You will receive reminder emails in good time. After expiry of the validity period of the password, you can still receive and send emails for another half year and change your password. The login in the Computer Room with the Physics Account and other services, which are linked to this account, is not possible in this time, only again after the change of the password.

You can change your password at any time on the Changing Password page.