Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Department of Physics


Network Structure of the Department of Physics

User Homepages:
IMAPS Server:  
SMTPS Server: Port 587
DNS Server: (
DNS Server2: (
DNS Server3:   (
WINS Server1: (
WINS Server2: (
Default Gateway: (
Time Server:  
Time Server 2:  


Registration of new computers and other internet-enabled devices (e.g. printers):

The network configuration is provided by a DHCP server. Non-registered computers receive no valid network parameters from this DHCP server.

To register new computers in the network of the department, please send an email to the Computing Centre of the Department.

This email must contain the following information:

  • Name of the Person responsible for this computer and the
  • Working Group, to which the computer is assigned.
  • MAC-Address of the LAN interface (00-00-00-00-00-00)
    • Windows: Start with right mouse button→ Run → cmd → ipconfig /all
    • Linux (as root): ifconfig or ifconfig -a
    • The output of these commands may contain multiple MAC addresses from which the Mac address of the internet connection to be used must be selected.
  • Internet Name of the computer
    • An IP name is required for each IP number to be assigned.
    • Linux computers can take this name from our DHCP server during the transfer of the IP number (in most Linux distributions this is the default setting).
    • For Windows computers you can select the name (Windows 10: Start → Settings → System → About → Rename PC). The name should be the same as the Internet name for reasons of clarity.
  • Other:
    • Necessary duration of the registration of guests’ computers
    • Information whether it is a PC or other device


Please inform yourself about the possibilities of using WLAN at the HU on the WLAN Information Pages of the CMS .

Creation of User Homepages

The files of the user homepages must be stored in the public_html folder in the user's home directory. For this purpose, programs such as FileZilla (protocol: SFTP), WinSCP or SCP can be used. The target computer for uploading the internet files is (if asked, port 22, physics login, not email address and password). With the help of the above-mentioned programs, the permissions can be set.


You can use programs like SSH, PuTTY or MobaXterm to directly log on to and to set permissions.

  • If necessary, you have to set appropriate permissions to directories and files involved, so that the pages can be displayed after accessing of
  • This applies for your own home directory, the public_html directory contained in it, all subdirectories and all files in public_html, that are to be displayed. Directories must be executable for "other" users, and files must be readable by other users.
  • After logging on to you can check the permission settings with the command ls -lad directory or ls -la directory. You will get the following screen output:
  • drwx-----x 40 user group 3584 Feb 2 11:46 /users/group/user/
  • ls -lad ~user/public_html
  • drwx-----x 40 user group 3584 Feb 2 11:46 /users/group/user/public_html/
  • If the last "bold"-x does not exist, you can set the necessary permissions:
    • chmod o+x ~user or chmod o+x ~user/public_html or
    • chmod 701 ~user or chmod 701 ~user/public_html
  • For files must apply:
    • ls -lad ~user/public_html/file.html
    • drwx---r-- 40 user group 3584 Feb 2 11:46 /users/group/user/public_html/file.html
  • The permissions can be set with:
    • chmod o+r ~user/public_html/file.html or
    • chmod 704 ~user/public_html/file.html
  • Note: There must be a file with the name "index.html" in each directory. PHP files are only released on demand.