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Friday Light Talks



Friday Light Talks is an informal event series for Postdocs, PhD & Master students to meet, discuss about science and exchange ideas while having a drink.

Format: 20-30 min presentation followed by a get together with drinks

Where? Main lecture Hall (Physik Institute - NewtonStr. 15, 12489)

When? Every second Friday

Coming Events:

23.09.2022: The "Friday Light Talks" are back after the summer break with a special edition, part of the PostDoc Appreciation Week 2022 in Germany!
We are thrilled to welcome Dr Petya Jordan, the coordinator of the newly established PostDoc Center Adlershof that will talk about "PostDoc Center: what is it and why we need it". Afterwards, Giulia Carina will present her PhD project in the group of Pr Paarmann at the Fritz Haber Institute. To best conclude the day, we will have a get-together with pizza kindly offered by the PostDoc Center Adlershof.



How to reach us:



Past Events:

29.07.2022: Gabriela Luna Amador (AG Reich/ FU), Light-matter coupling in plasmonic platforms
01.07.2022: Philip Albrodt (Trumpf), From academia to R&D in the laser industry
17.06.2022: Pablo Hernández López (AG PLD), Strain engineering and hybridization of excitons in 2D semiconductors
03.06.2022: Felix Tebbenjohanns (AG GOP, ETH Zurich), Quantum optomechanics with optically levitated particles
20.05.2022: Gregor Pieplow (AG IQP), Coherent Optical control of group IV cacancies in diamond
06.05.2022: Esteban Gomez Lopez (AG Nanoptik), Storing light in warm vapors at single photon level
22.04.2022: Luke Masters, (AG GOP), A photon-pair source from a single atom

And more to come every second Friday!











Who we are:

We are a group of young researchers strongly motivated in promoting networking and ideas exchange among PostDocs, PhD and master students working on scientific discipline in Adlershof and Berlin. Our goal is to give young researchers a place where to engage with their peers by discussing their science in an informal environment.