Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Strukturforschung / Elektronenmikroskopie


Transmission Electron Microscopes
STEM Nion HERMES 200 kV monochromated and aberration-corrected
Nion HERMES 200 kV w/ side entry stage
  • monochromated (energy resolution < 6 meV)
  • aberration-corrected (probe size at 200 kV < 0.07 nm)
  • side entry stage (double-tilt cryo holder with electrical contacts, etc.)
  • direct detector for EELS and zero-loss filtered diffraction (Dectris)
  • sample in ultra-high vacuum
TEM/STEM Hitachi H-8110
JEM2200FS 2019 09 20
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Hitachi H8110
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200 kV, field emission gun

200 kV, LaB6 cathode

  • UHR pole piece
  • 1k slow-scan CCD camera (Gatan)
  • ASTAR system (NanoMegas) including Beam precession unit, SNBD system, ACOM software
  • BF STEM detector
  • HAADF STEM detector
  • Electron biprism
  • Digiscan system (Gatan)
  • In-column energy filter
  • LN2 free energy dispersive X-ray SD detector (Bruker)
  • Gatan Imaging Filter (GIF)
  • STEM BF and DF detector (Gatan)
  • Digiscan system (Gatan)
  • Energy dispersive X-ray detector (Kevex)
TEM/STEM FEI TITAN 80-300 Image Cs-corrected Cryo-TEM JEOL JEM2100 cryo

Access via
Joint Laboratory for Electron Microscopy Adlershof (JEMA)
in cooperation with
Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth

Access via
Joint Laboratory for Structural Research (JLSR)
in cooperation with
Helmholtz Centre Berlin and Technical University Berlin

FEI Titan 80 300 IKZ
2100cryo medium2
300 kV, field emission gun
200 kV, LaB6 cathode
  • CEOS image Cs-corrector
  • 2k x 2k camera
  • HAADF STEM detector
  • 4k x 4k TVIPS camera
  • Tomography package
  • Cryo transfer of plunge-frozen samples
Scanning Electron Microscope
Zeiss GeminiSEM 500
  • NanoVP Option
  • In-lens SE detector
  • In-lens EsB detector
  • BSE 4-Quandrant detector
  • STEM detector
  • Bruker XFlash 6|30 EDX system
  • Raith ELPHY Quantum Lithography system
  • Custom stages for 4DSTEM-in-SEM
TEM Sample Preparation

Goal: Fabrication of samples having only some nanometre thickness with as few preparation artefacts as possible.

Instrumentation for preparation of hybrid inorganic/organic materials systems and soft matter.

Ultramicrotome cutting

Leica UC7 AG TEM large EM Ultracut 7 (Leica)
Instrumentation for target preparation of inorganic semiconductors.

Focused Ion Beam Milling

FEI FIB Strata201

Focussed ion beam system:
Single Beam FIB Strata201 (FEI)
Instrumentation for conventional TEM preparation of inorganic semiconductors.


wire saw Diamond wire saw (Dwell)


minimet Minimet polishing machine (Bühler)


dimpler Dimple grinder (Gatan)
Ion Milling

Rapid etching system RES101 (Baltec)

Ion Milling

Rapid etching system RES010 (Baltec)

Ion Milling

Rapid etching system RES010 (Baltec) - Low Voltage

Ion Milling
Precision ion polishing system (PIPS) (Gatan)
Optical Microscope
Zeiss Axiovert 200M
Optical Microscope