Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Strukturforschung / Elektronenmikroskopie


Electron diffraction 

  • QED: A DM-plug-in for acquiring PED and LARBED patterns, as well as diffraction maps

Inline Electron Holography

  • FRWR: A Nonlinear Inline Electron Holography Reconstruction using the FRWR algorithm
  • FRWRtools: A DigitalMicrograph Menu for aligning image, recording focal series, performing geometric phase analysis (GPA) on image stacks and complex images, various FFTs, and other useful functions.

Image Simulation

  • QSTEM: A software package for quantitative STEM and TEM simulations
  • QMB: A GUI-based tool lets you build super structures containing arbitrarily many crystalline grains.
    It also lets you load images and build the atomic model to match the atomic columns in the image.
  • imagesim: A program for TEM image simulation from a complex wave function
  • gbmaker: A program for constructing of polycrystalline super cells containing crystalline and amorphous regions.
  • Convert2CFG: A tool for converting crystal structure data from .xtl or .xyz format to
    the .cfg format that can be read by qstem, qmb, and gbmaker.


  • DM3toAVI: A software for producing AVI animations from 3-dimensional DM3 data stacks
  • Transforms: A Digitalmicrograph Plugin and Scripts for performing FFTs and related transforms of arbitrarily shaped images (uses FFTW routines).
  • Matlab programs: Used for teaching my TEM course.
  • EELS Acquire: A DigitalMicrograph script which allows the acquisition of EELS spectra with very high dynamic range.
  • DigitalMicrograph scripts: Used for illustration during my TEM course.
  • MTFEstimate: A MATLAB program for measuring the MTF from the shadow image of a beam blocker.