Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Strukturforschung / Elektronenmikroskopie

The Transforms.dll Plugin for DigitalMicrograph

  • Transforms.dll: A dll implementing FFTW3, cross correlation, hough transform, …
    Note that Transforms.dll will currently not work with DM versions GMS2.0 and higher!
  • fftwTest: Test script for fftw routines implemented in Transforms.dll
  • readImage: Script for reading my own binary data format as well as the (single precision floating point) EMS .ima format (requires Transforms.dll to be installed).

A Matlab routine for reading floating point DM image (stacks)

  • readDM3.mexw32: A Matlab MEX function for reading DM3 images or image stacks. The data has to be single precision floating point though. This routine will crash if the data is any other format (e.g. integer or double).
  • readDM3: A text file that contains a short description of the MEX routine.