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dm3toavi: DM3 to AVI converter


This program produces AVI animations from data stacks saved in DigitalMicrograph’s DM3 format. This can be useful when preparing EFTEM, focal series image sequences, or similar data for presentations (e.g. PPT).



The graphical user interface is written in Matlab and has been compiled as a standalone application. It needs, however the Matlab component runtime library of Matlab 7.1 to be installed (see installation step 1).

1. Install the Matlab Component Runtime library MCRInstaller.exe (can be run directly from this link). You can skip this step if you already have MCR installed on your computer (this uses the same MCR version as QSTEM).
2.Unzip the file
3.Go into the extracted folder and start “dm3toavi.exe” and load a DM3 data stack.