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Digitalmicrograph Scripts

as intruduced during the lecture

Numerical Methods in Transmission Electron Microscopy

Script Short Description

April 24, 2007

warpTest A test function for warping images, especially spectrum profiles.
test_ExpSize Script demonstrating the increase in computation speed when using ExprSize()
GaussEdgeSmoothing Removes streaks in Fourier-filtered images by replacing the edge of the image with a smoothed version of this same image
GaussEdgeSmoothingInterp Works similar to GaussEdgeSmoothing, but the edges become even smoother, because a continuous transition from the smoothed to the sharp image is used.
FourierInterpolate A script which increases the size of an image by Fourier interpolation
HannWindow Example script of how to create a computed image of a given size (uses “ExprSize”).
smoothenEdges A very quick wayto remove FFT streaks, requires Transforms.dll

May 8, 2007

ROI_Histogram This script produces a live histogram of variable binning from the current image. If no region of interest (ROI) has been selected, the script will create an ROI that covers the whole image, but may be resized later on.
The resulting histogram may also be normalized using normalizeHistogram.s.
SelectAndAlign2Images This script aligns and then adds 2 images of different size, requires Transforms.dll
Diffractogram This script computes the diffractogram of a selection in an image. The diffractogram may be display with the size of the selection, or with equal reciprocal space units. It requires Transforms.dll

May 15, 2007

computeGx Script demonstrating the computation of a pseudo-derivative in x-direction (as used for the Sobel-filter) by convolution with a (small) matrix.
horzLineDetect Script that visualizes vertical gradients in an image. This may, for example be used to warp a spectrum line profile.
expandImage Script that demonstrates the use of the ‘offset’ function for expanding an image

May 22, 2007

CM_example1 An example script that demonstrates the use of the Camera Manager scripting functions.
CM_focSeries A simple script for acquiring a focal series and writing the acquired images in a 3-dimensional image stack.
test_createStack This short script just demonstrates how a 3-dimensional image stack can be created and how values may be assigned to it using irow, icol, and iplane.
addAndAlignStack This script aligns and then adds a stack of equivalent images (with pixel precision). This is particularly useful, when a stack of images is recorded with shorter exposure times instead of a single image with a long exposure time in order to overcome specimen drift.
recordEFTEMStack Auto-exposure EFTEM series acquisition script. Particularly useful for low-loss EELS, where the image intensity varies strongly with energy.
recordEFTEMStackReal Like recordEFTEMStack, but it creates a data stack that is recognized by the EFTEMSI plugin as an EELS data stack.
selectSubVolume This script copies the selected area of an image stack into a new (smaller) stack. All planes will be copied. This script does not require entering any pixel positions.
extractSpectrum This script plots an average spectrum for a specified selection of an image stack. If no selection is specified, the whole image will be used.