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Department of Physics



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FAIRmat: Lifting the treasure trove of materials data

Nachricht vom Jul 02, 2021

National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) funds FAIRmat consortium ►►►



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Department Colloquium

The Department Colloquium takes place during the lecture period on Tuesdays from 3.15 to 5 pm.

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Berliner Physikalisches Kolloquium

Th Jan 12, 2017 06:30 - Th Jan 12, 2017 08:30

Prof. Dr. Ingo Rehberg (Department of Physics, Universität Bayreuth) will speak about "Kuben, Klumpen & Kupplungen – Spielarten magnetischer Frustration". ►►►

Colloquium of IRIS Adlershof

Mo Jan 16, 2017 03:00 - Mo Jan 16, 2017 04:30