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Master of Science and Master of Education Physics



Study and examination regulations


Lectures and information


Master thesis

Information about the master thesis can be found on the website of the Physics Examination Office.

Registration of a master thesis

Master thesis submission

Three copies of the Master's thesis must be submitted to the Examinations Office.

Defense of a master thesis

The defense of a master's thesis takes place in the form of a colloquium on the results of the thesis followed by a discussion. The duration of the questioning is to be limited to 30 minutes. It is recommended to limit the duration of the presentation to 30 minutes. Examiners are the two reviewers of the master thesis. In justified cases, the second examiner may deviate from the second examiner of the thesis during the defense upon application to the examination board.

Extension of the deadline for a master thesis

In justified cases, a Master's thesis can be extended by a maximum of ¼ of the total time (i.e. 1.5 months) upon request. The request must be made in due time, i.e. by the same period of time for which an extension is requested, before the original submission deadline.

Conducting the Master's Thesis - Deadlines (Mono Master)

Master of Science - The master thesis comprises 30 study points, i.e., a workload of 900 hours. After registering for the master's thesis, exactly 6 months are available for completion. It is advisable to gear your studies towards the planned master's thesis at an early stage.

Master of Education - The specific modalities for the implementation and the editing deadlines can be found in the respective Studien- und Prüfungsordnungen

Further regulations

If you are aiming for an external thesis (outside the institute), your external supervisor should be a second supervisor. The first supervisor must be a member of the Institute of Physics. The examination board will decide on exceptions upon request. Supervision of the thesis by examiners who are not registered as such at the Institute of Physics must always be approved by the examination board.

Further legally binding regulations on the Master's thesis can be found in the study or examination regulations.