Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Mathematisch-Naturwissen­schaft­liche Fakultät - International Research Training Group 1740

IRTG Workshop/School 2019 – Program


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin: Friday, 27.09.2019 – Wednesday, 02.10.2019







Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Department of Physics
Newtonstr. 15
12489 Berlin





Plenary & Alumni Talks

Each talk 30 minutes (incl. questions)

Dept. of Physics, Newtonstr. 15, Room 1.201 (Lecture Hall)


Friday, 27.09.2019, 10:00h - 11:00h
Alumi Talks 1 + 2


Niklas Boers A journey through complex climate dynamics
Thomas Peron Phase oscillatory networks: there and back again


Friday, 27.09.2019, 16:00h - 17:00h
Alumi Talks 3 + 4


Justus Kromer Theory based approaches to treating neurological disorders
Vladimir Vlasov From (Bio-) Physics to ML Researcher


Monday, 30.09.2019, 14:00h - 14:30h
Talk 1


Iberê Caldas State Sensitivity of a Synchronized Network 


Tuesday, 01.10.2019, 14:00h - 14:30h
Talk 2


Dider Vega-Oliveros The interplay between link prediction and diffusion processes on networks


Wednesday, 02.10.2019, 14:00h - 14:30h
Talk 3


Henrique Barbosa Observations of Cirrus Clouds in the Central Amazon Forest





PhD Talks

2 Sessions at the same time; Each talk 15 minutes (incl. questions)


Friday, 27.09.2019, 11:30h - 13:00h


Dept. of Physics, Newtonstr. 15, Room 1.201 (Lecture Hall)

Victor Nicolai Friedhoff
Sebastian Vellmer
Tommaso Cornelis Rosati
Torben Schröder
Rodrigues de Lima Lourival


Dept. of Physics, Newtonstr. 15, Room 1.202 (Ei)

Frederik Wolf
Markus Drüke
Marie Brunel
Nico Wunderling
Maximilian Gelbrecht



Friday, 27.09.2019, 14:00h - 15:30h


Dept. of Physics, Newtonstr. 15, Room 1.201 (Lecture Hall)

Florian Stelzer
Robert Ronge
Chris Gong
Erik Teichmann
Juliana Lacerda


Dept. of Physics, Newtonstr. 15, Room 1.202 (Ei)

Vander Freitas
Leandro Anghinoni
Fabian Baumann
Matheus Palmero
Jussara Dias





PI + PhD Sessions

Single Session; serveral at the same time



Sessions for internal project discussions between PIs and PhD students. Single or combined sessions for collaboration purpose.



Friday, 27.09.2019, 17:00h - 18:00h

Monday, 30.09.2019, 14:30h - 16:00h

Tuesday, 01.10.2019, 14:30h - 16:00h


Available rooms: 1.201 (110), 1.202 (30), 2.101 (30), 3.101 (30)




2 Sessions at the same time (each student 5 minutes) to present the results of the project sessions.


Wednesday, 02.10.2019, 14:30h - 16:00h


Dept. of Physics, Newtonstr. 15, Room 1.201 (Lecture Hall)

Dept. of Physics, Newtonstr. 15, Room 1.202 (Ei)





Lectures & Tutorials on Machine Learning

Mr. Julian Hitschler
(Computational Linguistics at Heidelberg University)

Each 90 minutes


Machine Learning: Optimization and the Perceptron


Monday, 30.09.2019, 09:30h - 11:00h

Dept. of Physics, Newtonstr. 15, Room 1.201 (Lecture Hall)

Lecture 1


Monday, 30.09.2019, 11:30h - 13:00h

Dept. of Physics, Newtonstr. 15, Room 1.427 (PC-Pool)

Tutorial 1




Machine Learning: Multi-Layer Networks and the Backpropagation Algorithm


Tuesday, 01.10.2019, 09:30h - 11:00h

Dept. of Physics, Newtonstr. 15, Room 1.201 (Lecture Hall)

Lecture 2


Tuesday, 01.10.2019, 11:30h - 13:00h

Dept. of Physics, Newtonstr. 15, Room 1.427 (PC-Pool)

Tutorial 2




Machine Learning: Architectures and Applications


Wednesday, 02.10.2019, 09:30h - 11:00h

Dept. of Physics, Newtonstr. 15, Room 1.201 (Lecture Hall)

Lecture 3


Wednesday, 02.10.2019, 11:30h - 13:00h

Dept. of Physics, Newtonstr. 15, Room 1.427 (PC-Pool)

Tutorial 3







List of Posters

(Alphabetical Order)

Dept. of Physics, Newtonstr. 15, 1st Floor


Monday, 30.09.2019, 16:00h - 18:00h
Coffee & Posters


Antonio Roque Combined influence of network topology and synaptic strength on information transmission in hierarchical modular networks of spiking neurons
Chen Gong Repulsively coupled Kuramoto-Sakaguchi phase oscillators ensemble subject to common noise
Didier Vega-Oliveros Analysis of users behavior in encrypted group messages via interaction temporal networks
Erik Teichmann Partial Synchrony in Oscillatory Ensembles with Inhibitory and Excitatory Coupling
Ewandson Luiz Lameu Delay-induced synchronized patterns in neuronal networks with plasticity
Fabian Baumann Opinion Polarization in Leader-Follower-Systems
Florian Stelzer Performance boost of time-delay reservoir computing by non-resonant clock cycle
Frederik Wolf Climate network perspective on ITCZ dynamics and its response to global warming
Helder Casa Grande Symmetries effects on the dynamics of phase oscillators model
Juliana Lacerda Topologies that favor synchronization in power grids
Jussara Dias Optimization of control parameters of a particle model with dynamics of coupled second order phase oscillators
Leandro Anghinoni Stochastic time series analysis based on complex network community modelling
Leonardo Santos Vulnerability in Complex Networks – a brief literature overview
Leonardo Ferreira From spatiotemporal data to chronological networks: An application to wildfire analysis
Lourival Lima An averaging principle for foliated stochastic systems: examples in homogeneous space
Marie Brunel Fire practice on Brazilian managed grasslands and its implementation in LPJmL 4.0
Markus Drüke Improving the LPJmL5.1-SPITFIRE vegetation-fire model using satellite data
Matheus Palmero Chaotic transport in symplectic maps: Applications in plasma dynamics
Maximilian Gelbrecht Monte Carlo Basin Bifurcation Analysis
Nico Wunderling Risk analysis of tipping cascades in the Climate system
Paulo Ruffino An averaging principle for small perturbations of energy preserving random systems
Ricardo Sovek Oyarzabal Multistability in Amazon rainforest
Rico Berner Interplay of adaptivity and multiplexing in networks of coupled oscillators
Robert Ronge Ensembles of Excitable Units - Perturbation away from Watanabe-Strogatz Theory
Sebastian Vellmer Mean field theory for sparse networks considering temporal correlations of spike trains
Tommaso Cornelis Rosati Large-times behavior of the KPZ equation driven by noise which is space-time white or fractional in time
Torbern Schröder Behaviour of SFDEs
Vander Freitas Symmetric circular clusters of non-overlapping particles and chaotic almost-circular trajectories
Victor Nicolai Friedhoff Approaching Synaptic Plasticity - Kinetic 3D modelling of IP3 receptors in Purkinje cells
Yang Liu Framework of Evolutionary Algorithm for Investigation of Influential Nodes in Complex Networks
Zhao Liang Analyzing the Bills-Voting Dynamics and Predicting Corruption Convictions Among Brazilian Congressmen Through Temporal Networks