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Qtiplot Makefile for MacOS 10.X 
(other versions are untested - may work)

This Makefile will compile and install Qtiplot with all dependencies (Qt 4.x.x, 
Python 2.5.x, Sip, PyQt,qwt 5.x, qwtplot3d 0.2.x, gsl 1.x, muparser 1.x)

prerequisites: - XCode (MacOS CDs) must be installed
               - internet connection

installation: - just type "sudo make" and enter your administrator password
              - if you only want to download the necessary sources from the 
                internet type "make download"
                       - to build Qtiplot and all dependencies type "sudo make", 
                         internet connection will not be needed any more
              - on success a Qtiplot entry should be added to your Applications 
	      - if the build process fails please write an email 
                to and attach the make output