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German-Japanese International Workshop

German-Japanese International Workshop

“Structure and Control of Interfaces”

Jan 9~11, 2013

2011 has been a memorial year for Germany and Japan for celebrating the 150th anniversary of the signing of Treaty of Amity between the two countries. With the goal to further deepen the partnership between Germany and Japan in the field of science in the next coming 150 years, we have held an international workshop with young researchers on a theme of interface science, an area with active German-Japan cooperation.

The this workshop provided opportunities for researchers to present their research outputs, and for them to find possible future collaboration at an international level.

From Japan, young and promising researchers who lead the future of Japan’s interface science attend the workshop. Under the mentorship of Prof. Maki Kawai, they have achieved significant results as members of “Structure and Control of Interfaces”, one of the research projects of “Sakigake” (JST-PRESTO program) just closed in FY2011.

From Germany and other EU areas, the leading researchers in the field of interface science took part, whom the Japanese participants asked to attend as possible counterparts for future collaborative research.


CRC 951 is proud to contribute to the German-Japanese International Workshop.


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