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HIOS Young Researcher Workshop 2020

HIOS Young Researcher Workshop 2020




Thank you for participating in the HIOS Young Researcher Workshop 2020!


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The HIOS Young Researcher Workshop 2020 took place as an online video conference on November 18-19, 2020. Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers of the CRC 951 as well as of the Graduate School "Advanced Materials" presented their current research efforts into hybrid inorganic/organic systems. The workshop included short oral and poster presentations covering topics such as structure and morphology, electronic structure and control of inorganic/organic interfaces, charge and energy transfer, hybrid optical excitations, plasmonic phenomena, and more.

Once again, the HIOS Young Researcher Workshop 2020 emphasized and strengthened the strong collaborative character within the CRC 951 and with other related scientific programs.



Doctoral students and postdocs financed by CRC 951 are encouraged to participate in this workshop. Other members of the CRC 951 and members of the Graduate School Advanced Materials are welcome to participate as well.



To download the book of abstracts, workshop program or the schedule of the poster sessions, please click on the corresponding picture.


Book of abstracts:

Book of Abstracts


Workshop Schedule

Poster session schedule:

Poster Session Schedule