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Online coaching workshop

Online coaching workshop "Time and Self-Management for the home office"

Maximising the productivity of working from home in turbulent times

06. & 07.04.2020

This workshop comprises inspirational input, team discussion, and group work,all delivered via interactive teleconferencing software



  • Self-management-reflection on one's own attitude in crises and situations of overstretch
  • Tips for writing productivity
  • Changing mindset –seeing the opportunities rather than the treats
  • Managingthe ups and downs offears and new freedomof self-determination
  • Self-care -stress management -Keeping balance and allowing for recovery despite external circumstances
  • Tips for self-motivation and self-discipline for oneself and team members


Time management in the home office

  • Self-determined daily structure, Working hours -Creating routines and rhythms
  • Keeping focus and concentration
  • Physical arrangementofthe home office


Time management for families

  • Tips for keeping children occupiedif also at home from school or kindergarden(includinge-learning platforms)
  • Stress factorsin home schooling -Homework and dealing with teachers
  • Tips for dealing with family conflicts




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