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From Competition to Co-Creation

From Competition to Co-Creation by Svenja Neupert (Kompetenzia International)

From Competition to Co-Creation -How to Improve Collaboration in Science

28.10.2020 & 30.10.2020

In the scientific community, cooperation is increasingly expected for third-party funding applications, but in reality many people report a predominantly competitive atmosphere with their colleagues, which affects their daily work. In this seminar we will discuss ways to deal with this contradiction and find ways to make collaboration more fruitful and easier.

Amongst other subjects, the workshop will cover:

  • Digital tools and methods to collaborate in science
  • Typical obstacles in science which create a competitive relationship and how to overcome it
  • What does co-creation mean?
  • How to change your mindset into co-creation
  • Creative methods how to create something “really new” = co-creation
  • Create your working system with others – make your work flow process much easier