Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Department of Physics

Email Lists and Newsletters

There are email lists for specific target groups.


Director and Administration of the Department physik @
Department Council rat @
Professors professoren @
Employees mitarbeiter @
Secretaries of the Working Groups sekretariate @
Students stud @
Female Physicists physikerinnen @
Student Government Physics (Fachschaftsinitiative) fachini @
Examination Board pa @
Persons responsible for Computing in the Working Groups dv @
All Employees of the Computing Centre uco @
Web Administrators of the Department webadmin @
All Department Members and Students alle @


Newsletter: E-Mails to "alle@","stud@" and "mitarbeiter@" can only be sent by registered users using the webmail program. You can register by calling the Computing Centre (telephone: 030 2093-7980 or 030 2093-7661) or send an email to the Computing Centre.


Please use these lists carefully. If possible, please send emails to just one appropriate list and do not give the list to third parties. This possibility is no longer made available in the case of misuse or if the normal email service is significantly disturbed by promotional emails to these addresses.

If one of these lists contains users who should not be there or if certain users are missing on one of the lists, please inform the Computing Centre.